Before the semester starts, I want to reflect upon some of this summer’s events and prep my loved ones and followers for what’s to come! I had the opportunity to do several things that I’ve been wanting to do (after the completion of my summer class and detail), and I couldn’t be more thankful for those who made my summer memorable!

While visiting my aunt in D.C., my mother surprised us with tickets to the National African-American Smithsonian! Tickets have been sold out since its opening, and I was so grateful for the experience! (I’ll most likely do a reflection piece on this trip in the near future because I took tons of pictures and learned so much in just three hours!) Experiencing the museum is definitely something that one has to do more than once because there was just so much to take in!

After spending a relaxing two weeks at home, I visited my boyfriend and his family in Georgia! Although my time spent with them was short, I enjoyed every moment of it! I attended two high school football games (I still can’t believe that I graduated high school 6 years ago!), attended my very first minor league baseball game, ate, and drank to my little heart’s content! Needless to say, I was not ecstatic about returning to West Point to start the new semester but it’s time! (A few pairs of my shorts no longer fit due to my lack of discipline while I was home, so it was definitely time to come back and get back into shape!)

My boyfriend Hollis, his brother Taylor and I before the Gwinnett Braves snagged a win!

The realization that I’m entering my junior year of college is really starting to settle in, and I’m extremely nervous and excited at the very same time! I’m in a pivotal leadership position, starting my first two Environmental Engineering classes this semester, and actively participating in SCUSA (Student Conference on U.S. Affairs) for the very first time in a leadership position! It’s a bit much to tackle all at once, but I have no doubt that I’ll be able to successfully complete each task without a hitch thanks to my superiors, peers and support system!

Many of my posts from this point forward will most likely be geared towards my life here at the Academy, events that are coming up, and how I manage to deal with it all! I’m by no means neglecting my makeup, tutorials (that I still have yet to post), and reviews, but I tend not to wear a single drop of makeup while in uniform UNLESS I’m attending a special function.

Thank you for your continued support in my interests and development through my blog! I can’t wait to share this semester’s events with you!


— T