It’s been some time since I’ve written and I’m not going to offer any excuses other than the fact that I’ve been extremely lazy since I’ve been home! To make a long story short, I’ve been off “running the streets with my friends” and I honestly couldn’t be happier! In any event, over the course of the time I’ve been home I procrastinated cleaning my makeup brushes and as a result they needed a DEEP CLEANING! I tried a new cleansing method I stumbled upon on Facebook and it worked EXTREMELY well for me! If you want to know more, keep reading!

To start with, you’ll need 3 containers, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, and baby shampoo. I prefer to use my mom’s Tupperware, but plastic cups will also get the job done. Place a decent amount of one substance in each container. Depending on how many brushes you intend on cleaning will determine how much you should be putting into the containers. In the baby shampoo container, be sure to add a bit of warm water as well. Now that you have your containers prepared, let’s get down to business!


1. Gather all of your dirty brushes and place them in a central location to where you can access them easily without fumbling around your workspace. I prefer to work in my bathroom because of the large counterspace.

2. Grab your first brush and swirl it around the container containing olive oil. When you swirl your brush in the oil, it will loosen up all of the built up makeup/product in the brush’s bristles without damaging the actual brush. Squeeze the excess oil from the bristles out into the sink and rinse the bristles with warm water.

3. Next, dip your brush in the container containing the rubbing alcohol in order to sanitize the brush. This step was especially important to me because I pride myself in keeping my brushes clean in order to (ultimately) keep my skin looking flawless! I dipped my brush in the alcohol for about 30 seconds before squeezing out the excess liquid and rinsing the bristles under warm water.

4. THEN I pulled out my handy-dandy travel brush cleaning pad* to help assist me in the final cleansing step! I positioned the suction cup on the back of the pad between my middle and ring fingers and dipped my brush in the solution containing the baby shampoo and water mixture. At this point, I didn’t have to do much “scrubbing” because the brush was visibly clean, but just to wrap things up (and potentially get out any leftover oil) I washed them for about 30 seconds before rinsing them under warm water.

This is the travel size pad that I take with me everywhere I go. I also keep the travel size J&J Baby Shampoo with me as well because when I get the urge to clean my brushes, I want to be able to. #BorderlineOCD

*I bought this AND a larger brush cleansing pad on Amazon for approximately $10 (with free shipping and handling)! The larger pad looks extremely similar to the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat, but it doesn’t cost $25 and it also came with this really cute mini that fits perfectly in my makeup bag for when I need to clean my brushes on the go! (I left the larger pad at school (for obvious reasons), but if you’d like a short review on it please let me know in the comments section!) If you’re interested in purchasing the one I have, here’s the link! (Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad Set Of 2)

5. Lastly, I squeezed the excess water out of the bristles before lining them up on the counter to dry! (Repeat this process on all of your brushes until not a single one is left!)

I loved cleaning my brushes this way because they are squeaky clean, super soft, and I didn’t have to spend a heap of money on someone’s brush cleanser! I’ll most likely sanitize my brushes this way once a month because I don’t wear makeup everyday. In between a deep clean such as this one, I’ll most likely use warm water and baby shampoo to clean them when I’ve exhausted my Color Switch By Vera Mona Brush Cleaner.

I hope you all found this post to be helpful! I’ll be heading to Georgia next week to spend some time with Hollis before school begins again, but I promise to post at least twice more before school starts! If you enjoyed this post, have questions, or wish to let me know how you clean your brushes, be sure let me know down in the comments section below!

With A Clean Face and Heart,

— T